[g-a-devel] problem building deskbar-applet using jhbuild


I'm having a problem building the deskbar-applet using jhbuild that I
think that is accessibility related.

If someone have a time, please look at it and give any advice. I posted
a bug in: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=385120

I don't post it in any accessibility related product because the bug
isn't reproduced in my system, only in the jhbuild environment.

I really appreciate any help on this, since I really want a functional
running GNOME 2.17.x before christmas.

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes
"It's a well-known fact that computing devices such as the abacus were
invented thousands of years ago. But it's not well known that the first
use of a common computer protocol occurred in the Old Testament. This,
of course, was when Moses aborted the Egyptians' process with a
control-sea." (Tom Galloway rec.arts.comics, February 1992)

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