Re: [g-a-devel] any idea what could be causing the bug #171465 in gnome-mag

Bill Haneman wrote:


Sorry, I think restarting gnopernicus is a perfectly reasonable thing to do in this case.

If it's work it's a solution, but in the user standpoint have to do this type of thing is not very confortable.

I do not see the bug on my system using gnopernicus. Are you using gnome-mag in standalone mode, is that what you are saying?

I do it using gnopernicus. To be more precisely I'm using the 1024x768 resolution and put the following values in gnopernicus:

Left: 359
Top: 0
Right: 1022
Bottom: 450

Applyed and the magnified screen stay gray. I restarted gnopernicus and it still stay gray.

I put too the following values to take an horizontal split mode:

Left: 0
Top: 0
Right: 1022
Bottom: 350

And the magnified screen stay gray too. Only a really small part of the user screen is magnified, this part is immediately below the magnified area.

Other thing that I noticed is that if the Rigth option is set to 1023 when gnopernicus is restarted the Left option is setted to 511.


The steps in the control-client test you give is not something an end-user would normally need to do. I would recommend starting the magnifier with 'magnifier -mh' if you want horizontal magnification.


By the way... restart gnopernicus is not the right way to resolve the things, but I can't make the magnifier show the right image in any way and you say me that it's working in your system, so I can't go to anywhere. Do you have any idea what I could do?

Maybe this way the question become more clear: In gnome-mag code, what could be causing this stranger behavior? Because I analyze the code and it appear ok, but It does not work properly.

If you run in your prompt:

#: magnifier -mv
#: ./control-client T
#: ./control-client b

You stay with I gray magnifier screen, do you know why or where to start investigating to resolve this?


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