Re: [g-a-devel] gnopernicus: srcore module - what is the function of srctrl.c

Remus asked:

Bill, why do you think that "is not the recommended way for applications
to use gconf"?

Note that this document says, among other things,

"Do not store anything but preferences in GConf. Documents, session state, random data blobs do not belong in GConf. Stuff breaks if you do this. Moreover, /THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT IT'S EVEN POSSIBLE TO WRITE TO THE GCONF DATABASE/. Which means you /may not/ use GConf as an IPC mechanism or when it's /required/ to be able to store a piece of data."

There are lots of other gconf documents that make it clear that gconf should not be used for IPC communication between clients. Some of the settings info that gnopernicus uses gconf for are, in my opinion, appropriate uses, but many of the uses are not, for instance lots of transient state information is stored in gconf by gnopernicus.



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