[g-a-devel] Re: some suggestions about Braille support in Gnopernicus

I'm just replying to myself to document the answer to one of my
suggestions/questions.  Guess I shouldn't use a computer for anything
serious at 3 A.M.

On Sat, Apr 09, 2005 at 04:04:48AM -0500, kenny wrote:
> Hi.
> If that isn't possible for some reason,is it possible to 
> change the keys sent to Gnopernicus by ttybrl.c so it sends 
> multiple keys to Gnopernicus.  Instead of sending
> DK00, it would send DK00DK01, DK01DK01, DK02DK01, etc.
> This would allow for more possible Gnopernicus functions to be 
> available from the display.

The answer to this is yes.  Just edit the .c file and rebuild


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