[g-a-devel]Accessibility talk at linux.conf.au

Just for informational purposes: I have just finished giving an
"advocacy" sort of talk to a two-day conference called "Linux and OSS in
Government" that is held in the days leading up to linux.conf.au (in
Adelaide, Australia). Basically, it was a plug for all the hard work you
guys do.

Since the audience was full of people who work for various state- and
federal-level government departments, it was encouraging to see a lot of
note taking going on and the questions at the end were from some fairly
well-informed people.

For those who are interested, I have put the paper that will be in the
conference proceedings up at
http://www.gnome.org/~malcolm/a11y/paper.html and I can only hope I did
not misrepresent things too much. In another universe I would be more
organised and would have had time to ask somebody to review it first; in
reality, I finished it off just before Christmas and the organisers
needed it right then.


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