[g-a-devel]GOK 0.9.5


We'd like to announce the release of version 0.9.5 of GOK, the GNOME Onscreen Keyboards Suite.

* What is it ?
GOK is designed to allow access to the GNOME desktop and other X applications by people who cannot use a physical keyboard (or mouse), or in situations where a physical keyboard is not present.

* What's new in 0.9.5 ?
* Mostly bug fixes.
* Added UI for specification of an extra word completion list file (good for i18n)
* Note build dependancy updated: gtk+ 2.3.1
* Sticky keys are now set more consistently (Thanks Muktha
<muktha narayan wipro com>)

Bugfixes: #126727, #127296, #127397, #128934, #126298, #127966, #128438, #127053, #128692, #129972, #129629, #130807, #106978

New Translations:
* ar (Arafat Medini), hr (Robert Sedak), lt (Tomas Kuliavas)

Where can I get it ?

go gok!

David and the rest of the GOK team

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