Re: [g-a-devel]Tooltips and accessibility

Hi Bill,

On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 16:03, Bill Haneman wrote:
> The way Java handles this is with API; there is a "getTooltip" or
> something.  If it proves to be useful we can add this
> (atk_object_get_tooltip) to a later revision of ATK.


> I agree with you most of the time; one possible exception is for 
> widgets which are within a scrollpane but have perhaps never actually
> been mapped to the display (i.e. haven't been scrolled into view).

	A very good point, and one which I had ignored. Those widgets will be
realized but not mapped [ I think ].

> It's also true that accessible objects need not be associated with
> a GUI element at all, they may just be "UI" elements (i.e. a CLI
> might still implement accessibility via ATK, but none of the objects 
> would implement AtkComponent).

	Sure - I just want to avoid showing the impaired user things that are
not there, and not actually usable ;-) and more, propagating the
'hidden' information down the tree painlessly. It's quite possible ( I
think ) to have a child that is GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE where in fact it's
not mapped at all since it's parent is hidden - and we just don't want
to see any of them I think.

	Anyway - off my high horse now ;-)



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