Re: [g-a-devel]Need clarification on toolbar key navigation.

Hi Calum,

Thanks for the inputs. My comments are inlined.

Also a related question.

When user navigates among the buttons on the toolbar with
left/right arrows, don't we need to stop at the begining/end with a 
beep instead of wrapping around.?? I just wanted to confirm this with 
you as this point is missing from the toolbar proposal.

Thanks and Regards,

Calum Benson wrote:

> Yes, that sounds correct.
> A related question is what should happen if the toolbar button actually
> becomes insensitive *while* it has focus... for example, the "Stop
> Loading" button on a web browser usually becomes insensitive once a web
> page has finished loading.
> Is this situation currently handled sensibly by default, or do we need
> to do something to prevent the possibility of focus just disappearing
> when this happens?

  I think we will have to live with this. I don't think I can do
  for this.

> Although I'm not exactly sure what "sensible"
> behaviour means in this case-- perhaps just moving focus to the next
> available sensitive widget on the toolbar.

  I am implementing this way only. Adding a check to see it the widget
  insensitive and skip that.

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