Re: [g-a-devel]gail patch ...

Michael wrote:

>Hi Padraig,
>	This adds support for the (pending) gnome program hooks for
>accessibility so we can dynamically enable / disable it on the fly and
>avoid GTK_MODULES hacks.
>	May I commit ?


Though we do need some non-GTK_MODULES-based mechanism for loading 
accessibility support if it does not live in the supported library 
itself, GTK_MODULES is the agreed upon API for loading gail itself.

The gtk_module_init method should stay, since it is the only method that 
is guaranteed to work for 'pure GTK+' apps (i.e. those that do not call 

Any proposals to change that need to be run past the release team *and* 
the GTK+ team, and would require all GTK apps to use gnome_program_init 
or be otherwise gnome-module-aware.



Bill Haneman x19279
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland 

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