Re: [g-a-devel]GKB Applet - Accessibility

> Parag,
> I have had difficulty running the applet as, due to a bug in my panel, I
do not
> have a "Properties ..." menu item in the context menu.
> I have also had difficulty figuring out what is going on as when I launch
> applet from the panel it runs in a separate process from the panel and I
> not been able to get it to run standalone.
> My first concern is whether the applet can be used with just the keyboard.
> need a way to change the country using just the keyboard. Can this be done
> the properties dialog?
The country can be changed with just the keyboard. But for that when the GKB
applet is launched for the first time, the user has to grab (set) a hot key
in  GKB Properties - Options dialog. After that the user can switch between
countries by pressing the grabbed hotkey.
I think an AtkAction would be required here only if the user is to be
provided the facility of switching between countries without grabbing the
> >
> >
> >  Applet Name : GKB Applet
> > Clarification Required
> > ATK interfaces required :
> >      AtkAction Interface  --  Atk Implementation needs to be provided
> > handling the "button_press_event" emitted by the GtkEventBox that serves
> > a container for the country's flag and label. When the GKB applet is
> > ( pressed ) the next keymap and label in the list  is displayed.

> It seems to me from looking at the code that a new image is set and label
> changed when country is changed and this should cause a
> signal to be emitted for the accessible object corresponding to the label.
The visble_data_changed signal is emitted by the accessible object
(gaillabel.c) corresponding to the label. Does this mean that a handler for
this signal would be provided by the AT?
> Padraig
> > Regards,
> > Parag.
> >
> >
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