Re: [g-a-devel]Accessibility for cdplayer applet


> > All the buttons and track info are packed inside a box. Buttons already
> > have tooltips.
> >
> > Accessible name and description has to be set for gtk-buttons. The track
> Are the tooltips referred to above adequate for the description?

E.g. : for a stop button the tooltip is "Stop". I thought i could set
this as the accessible name and set description as "Click this button to
stop" Is that o.k. ?

In case this lengthy description is not required then i could do away
with what the tooltip gives me.

> > information and time elapsed is displayed using
> > gkt_image_new_from_pixbuf. Now i could set up the accessible name and
> > description for these 2 images. But the gtk-image here does not react to
> > state change. So ferret does not report this widget. But considering an
> > AT would get to the atk object by traversing the tree of accessible
> > objects, i could do away with this implementation.
> >
> How will a blind user get the track information and time elapsed?
The time elapsed is drawn using a gtk_image_new_from_pixbuf. If i do a
get accessible for the image and set the AtkObject name to : time [
which i plan to get from
cdrom_deveice_status_t.relative_address.minute/second ]. Then would that
be o.k ?

The description could be more descriptive, like "time elapsed is :

And i do the same mentioned for track information.

What is your opinion 


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