[g-a-devel]Accessibility for GnomeCharmap

     I'm trying to provide accessibility for gnome charactermap.
     Here is the widget hierarchy :

        |       |---BonoboDockBand
        |       |       |---BonoboDockItem
        |       |               |---GtkHBox
        |       |                     |---GtkButton
        |       |                     |     |---GtkLabel
        |       |                     |
        |       |                     |---GtkLabel
        |       |                     |---GtkEntry
        |       |---BonoboDockBand
        |       |       |---BonoboDockItem
        |       |               |---GtkMenuBar   (There're 5
GtkImageMenuItems with GtkAccelLabel)
        |       |                       |---GtkImageMenuItem
        |       |                                    |---GtkAccelLabel
        |       |---GtkVBox
        |                   |---GtkHBox
        |                             |---GtkVBox
        |                                         |---GtkTable
(This is the character table & there're many such buttons)
|---GtkButton               (with lable)


     I intend to do the following :
     1)Provide AtkRelation for the label and the text in the main window
as well as for the spin button and
         text  in  the 'browse charaters' option.
     2)Since the gnome status bar used in the main window is not
accessible, I plan to give the same
         information  that appears on the status bar as tooltip to the
character buttons.

    Would like to get your valuable comments in this regard.

    Thanks and regards


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