[g-a-devel]Accessibility for Profterm

  I am trying to provide accessibility for  profterm (gnome-terminal)
  In the TODO list I found that some porting work ,key bindings and some
enhancements like combining
  options in menu are to be done. But none of them seem to impact with
the accessibility stuff so going ahead.

  Here comes my analysis on profterm:

  Widget hierarchy:
               |- GtkVBox
                    |- GtkNoteBook
                    |     |- GtkHBox
                    |     |    |- ZvtTerm
                    |     |    |
                    |     |    |- GtkVScrollBar
                    |     |
                    |     |- GtkLabel
                   + GtkMenubar

    I think here ZvtTerm is the only custom widget in the widget

    I found that ZvtTerm is also made accessible by the recent patch
work done by Marc.

    I also found that the menubar in the profterm was created using
glade tool. Checked that accessibility is provided for the menubar and
the menuitems.

    That leaves the following work to be done:
    1. Tooltips for all the menu items.
    2. Keyboard navigation between notebook pages in the zvtscreen.
    3. Providing ATK Relations for the components in the "Edit profile"
dialog boxes.

    I would like to get your valuable comments in this regard.

    Thanks and Regards,


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