[g-a-devel]Questions about accessibility

Accessibility developers:

I am supposed to give a demo of Gnome with accessibility next week,
so I am trying to learn how to run gok and gnopernicus. 

I'll give you a rundown of what I have done so far to get my machine
to work with Accessibility.

1. I am using Gnome 2.0 beta 2 that Laca just released last Thursday.
2. I am setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to "/usr/gnome/lib" since that seems
   to make the programs happier (especially gnopernicus).
3. I have installed patch 112785-04 to make AccessX work partically.
4. I have updated my /etc/dt/config/Xservers file so it includes
   "+kb -accessx" on the Xsun line.
5. I have set gconf to turn on accessibility with this command:

   gconftool-2 -t bool -s /desktop/gnome/accessibility/keyboard/enable true

So that is my setup.  Now I'll describe my problems...

When I run gok I see that it has a number of buttons:

   "back", "Compose", "Menus", "Toolbars", "Manage", "UI Grabber" and
I see that when I click on "Compose" that the on-screen keyboard pops
up.  However, I can't really see a way to get the "keys" that I type
to appear in any window.  I've clicked on the other buttons like
"Manage" and "UI Grabber" and they don't seem to affect anything.  Is
there some trick that I need to use to get gok to start working?

When I run gnopernicus I see the "settings" window which lets
me set things like "General settings", "Speech settings", "Braile
settings", "Magnifer settings", "Keyboard settings", "User properties",
"Language settings", and "Load default settings".  However I can't
seem to get it to actually do any magnification.  Again is there a
trick I need to do to get this to work.  I don't have "festival"
installed on my machine, so speech doesn't work.  I have access to
the source code.  Is it worth my while to compile it?  Laca says it
doesn't compile well with forte, but I suppose I could use gcc.
If I compile it, then will gnopernicus start talking? 



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