[g-a-devel]Re: Commit permissions to at-spi ...

Hi Michael,

Michael Meeks wrote:

	More problem bodging going on in at-spi:

	I being to dispair of this - not because of the code quality, but
because of the lack of understanding and engagement from some Sun
hackers; it seems the commit rules for at-spi go a bit like this:

	if (Employee is Sun person) {
		Commit any old thing, without much approval / review

On my part, this is my fault, mostly down to my lack of understanding on how
things should be done. I most probably should have seeked agreement with
people before committing, but was somewhat unsure of who to contact because
Bill was out and the problem I fixed was becoming a blocker to the successful
testing and continued bug fixing of the JABG...

	} else {
Person has no chance of committing anything, without stringent review, and if person contributes substantially has no chance of being a maintainer.

This, I think, is bad - I didn't even realise you had commited much of the original code until I was talking to you! Credit where credit is due, I say...

	This is just totally un-acceptable, I feel particularly agrieved having
written such a big chunk of code, and sitting impotently by as other
people commit stuff producing a progressively poorer result on top of

Perfectly understandable, I'd feel the same in you're position!

	Can people _at least_ post their at-spi patches to the list, so there
is at least some pretence of openness and review ?

Certainly will be doing this from now on :)

Sincere Apologies,


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