Re: gnome-core status summary

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> jacob berkman <jacob ximian com> writes:
> > 	porting to gconf
> > 
> > 		this is actually kind of tricky, as there are the
> > classes, session management, and per-term vs. global defaults stuff.
> > 
> I'm trying to sort out how this should work, I posted an initial mail
> to usability/gconf-list/gnomecc-list. I think g-t is not really doing
> the right thing, though I'm not even sure exactly what it's doing
> (even in 1.4) - I'm pretty sure the user model for whatever it's doing
> is too complicated. ;-) 

The model that I think gnome-terminal should follow is something
along the lines of:

 - You explicitely pick for a terminal, whether it is:
    Foo class

   Until you change it from default to custom, nothing changes.
 - The selected class or options picked as custom only apply
   to the (session-saved) current terminal.

 - When selecting custom options there should be buttons in the properties:

   - Save settings as default / terminal class
   - Load terminal from default /terminal class

default and terminal class properties are saved in GConf. (You
could even make "default" mean "the default terminal class".) 
Settings for individual terminals aren't.

What you don't get here is "layering" - if you make changes
to the Default settings, they don't propagate to a particular
terminal class or to custom settings.

But what you do get is predictability, something that is 
utterly and completely missing currently.

I don't believe there should be any interaction between settings
saved in GConf and session management here -- if you want 
different sorts of terminals on different sessions, use different
terminal classes, and save your session.


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