Re: libsoup as a replacement for gnome-http


On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 06:53, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   yes it sounds cool. The question is "does it makes sense to incorporate
> it as part of the platform at this point ?"

Good question :)  I would like to drop gnome-http.  I am indifferent as
to whether it is replaced with a specialized HTTP library in the

>     - how many apps other than Soup itself are using it ?

Thus far, Red Carpet.

>     - how easilly can it replace gnome-http

I don't know. But using the libsoup API is a great deal easier.

>     - I assume the Licence is LGPL or compatible


>     - I assume there is some guarantee of having it maintained

A personal guarantee, yes.

>   Is this a separate module in CVS ? Is it packaged separately ? 

No, but both are trivial given the code layout.

> How much overlap with gnome-vfs HTTP module ?

libsoup overlaps all of gnome-vfs's HTTP features except for the
response cache.  It adds persistent connections, POSTing, digest/ntlm
auth, redirects.  Implementing vfs's HTTP module using soup should be
feasible in Gnome 2.


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