Re: libgnomecanvas build problem

> I understand that's your opinion and personal preference, but calling it
> "correct" is a stretch.
> I want to "get this behavior" for all contributors writing code for the
> packages that I maintain by default. Configuring with a particular CFLAGS
> setting has no effect on these other contributors.

However, quite often systems libraries and their headers are not warning
clean. This is one major reason why I stopped compiling Nautilus builds
during it's development. Another case in point, just a week ago, I tried
to use the build scripts for gnome2. Someone had turned on -Werror, but
had not fixed the warnings in the code. As such I was unable to compile

If you want a warnings free build, fine, set CFLAGS in your
.bash_profile and if someone submits something that has warnings reject
it. Tell them you will not accept something that has warnings. From what
I've seen, you're not one to not reject patches for minor issues (not
necessarily a bad thing, after all, it is your code and you can accept
and reject on whatever basis you want*). Please do not force your
pedantry on people who really don't care.


* Again, this can also be an argument for you adding -Werror to your own
code, but in my experience, the only people it hurts are the people who
either don't have the skills, the time, or the impetus to fix up
warnings and just want to compile the thing, so they can get on with
their own stuff.

"It isn't rebels who cause the troubles of the world, 
it's the troubles that cause the rebels." - Carl Oglesby

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