Re: libgnomecanvas build problem

on 9/10/01 6:39 PM, Michael Meeks at michael ximian com wrote:

> Hmm, perhaps you are configuring with CFLAGS=-Werror ?

I am not.

> [ the correct way to get this behavior if you want it ].

I understand that's your opinion and personal preference, but calling it
"correct" is a stretch.

I want to "get this behavior" for all contributors writing code for the
packages that I maintain by default. Configuring with a particular CFLAGS
setting has no effect on these other contributors.

Configuring with CFLAGS set to something else is the "correct" way to turn
off this behavior in those packages, for contributors who have some reason
they need to. And -Werror is of course off in the

> I have no -Werror in my Makefiles.

It was my mistake -- there's no -Werror in libgnomecanvas. I saw a build
failure on someone else's machine and I mistakenly thought it had something
to do with -Werror.

    -- Darin

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