Re: Merging libgnomevfs and libgnomevfs-pthread

on 9/2/01 4:32 PM, Maciej Stachowiak at mjs noisehavoc org wrote:

> Given the recent discussion on shared library proliferation, I think
> for GNOME 2.0 these libraries should be merged. There is no real
> reason to keep them separate. This may even help cut down on exports,
> since symbols exported by one that are only used by the other would
> not have to be exported at all.
> Comments?

I think it's a great idea. It's part of the work that bug 8517 is supposed
to represent.

There's no need to merge the libraries, by the way. The libgnomevfs-pthread
library can become a convenience library. It's just important that it not be
a shared library.

But we can merge the libraries if we think that's the right thing to do for
other reasons (clarity).

    -- Darin

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