Re: Outsanding GLib/GTK+ API bugs

At 19:17 29.08.01 -0700, timj localhost gnome org wrote:
>On 29 Aug 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:
>> [...]
>> GObject
>> =======
>> [...]
>> 55908  Need a function to know if a GBoxed type is reference counte [?] 
>>   Notes:    Consensus was that if you cared for a particular GBoxed
type, then
>>             the GBoxed should be a GObject. Some open question about
>>             the is-refcounted parameter to g_boxed_register_static was
>>             necessary.
>>   Puntable: Yes. Worst that happens it that g_boxed_register_static()
>>             is a little more confusing
>>   Breakage: Yes, small amount of fixage.
>>   Time:     0.5 hours
>this one you wanted to find some on to do the is_refcounted argument
removal patch.
just to see, if I got this right:

1) The whole point is providing a patch to remove the last parameter
from every occurence of g_boxed_type_register_static () in gobject,
pango and gdk/gtk and of is_refcounted in gobject/gboxed.[hc]

[This one is such simple, that I can probably provide/apply a patch
within the next couple of hours]

2) OR is it additional the conversion of all the boxed+refconted objects
from GBoxed to be GObject derived ?

These are: GdkCursor, GdkFont and GClosure.

While the conversion of GdkCursor and GdkFont to GObject should be 
straight forward the conversion of GClosure would require some
deeper understanding of gobject mechanics and involve some changes
to gtype.[hc]. Though it may be needed to solve '55891  Class closures 
can't be overriden in derived classes' anyway ...

If you do want a patch for 1) just speak up and tell me if you want
it for review or directly applied to cvs.

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get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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