Go ahead with libgnome*

Hi guys,

just had a longer discussion with Michael Meeks on the phone, he
talked with some of the Red Hat guys at LWE and now we sorted the
issues out.

Jonathan, George, Anders and some of the other Red Hat guys have a
good plan on how to do libgnome* and they can also implement it in
a really short timeframe. Basically, they're almost ready to make a
release but just waiting for me to comment on it.

So guys, I'll be gone in one week anyways and you're responsible
for finishing GNOME 2 - so it's only fair if you just do whatever you
think is appropriate.

To summarize, this means that the war has come to an end and that we
live in peace again. I future, I think we still need to work on a
better communication - basically this whole libgnome* stuff was nothing
but a serious lack of communication. So in future, let's just talk.

About libgnome: I'm going to add a reference to this message to
libgnome/ChangeLog as soon as it shows up in the mailing list archives.
Unfortunately, I don't have time to revert my reverting of Anders and
Georges changes - there are simply to many things left on my TODO list
and I have only three hacking days left.

My TODO list currently includes (wishlist is closed, sorry):

* helping Darin Adler with the Nautilus bugs (top priority)

* making a first release of guile-gobject and provide some documentation
  for it

* kill gnome-preferences.[ch] and implement this directly in libbonoboui

* kill all libgnome dependencies from libbonoboui

* if necessary, make a libbonobo(ui) release (waiting for the GTK+ team
  to make stable releases of glib, ....., pango)

* finish my closure/type patch for libbonobo

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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