Re: gnome-vfs API freeze items

On 01Sep2001 12:57PM (-0400), Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes:
> > * 8516 - [API] GClosure-ize everything
> >      Note: I'm told this is critical for binding authors but I don't
> >      really know the details of what it is, how to do it, or how much
> >      work it would be.
> This actually needs to happen to all libraries in GNOME.  I think it
> would be good to have an API review to see if any API's are
> inappropriate for LBs.

Has it been done for libgnome* yet? Also, can you point me to
information on how (and why) to do this?
> > * 8544 - [API] add thumbnail support
> >      Note: I would personally make this a 2.2 item, but Lutz seems to
> >      want it. It will almost certainly end up 2.2 unless Lutz steps up
> >      to the plate with some code soon. :-)
> I thought the thumbnail spec being worked on just listed a place where
> you could find thumbnails.  I don't see why we need special support in
> GNOME-vfs for it?

Digital cameras can provide thumbnails directly. See the bug report. I
don't know if this will really need an API change, maybe the
thumbnails can just magically appear in URI space where the thumbnail
spec specifies (I guess I need to read the thumbnail spec and comment
at some point).
> > * 8515 - [API] kill gnome-vfs-transform
> >     Rationale: Nothing uses this, as far as I know. Removal is
> >     relatively easy compared to adding. Technically incompatible so
> >     cannot be 2.2.
> Are we going to be able to ship it with a bunch of alternate uri schemes
> without this?  We really need to get gnome-bugs:%s working.

I thought nothing was using this, but actually the Nautilus "help:"
URI scheme is. There is a generic "translate" module that doesn't use
the GnomeVFSTransform machinery. I guess either the translate module
should be changed to use GnomeVFSTransform, or everything that uses
GnomeVFSTransform should be done differently. Toss this back in the
"not sure" column I guess.

 - Maciej

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