GnomeModule, libglade

this has been talked about in the past, but i would like to bring it up
one more time and try to get it to happen before gnome 2.0.

so currently, libglade can support bonobo, gnome, etc. through extra
modules.  these libraries could instead directly provide libglade
support themselves.


    libraries add libglade support / fixes directly, and can use private
    functions / struct fields if necessary
    no possibly-broken dependencies if libglade wasn't built with say
    bonobo support but an app needs it.  if the app needs bonobo with
    libglade, it comes with bonobo.
    less dlopens / libs to load - libglade doesn't have to load the
    different modules as they are already loaded when the main lib is.
    if libgnomeui depends on libglade, it can use gtk glade files itself
    (as an example)

    libraries probably have to add their stuff to libglade when they are
    libglade having a stable api becomes very important to the platform
so these libraries need to tell libglade which widgets they support,
which can happen in the GnomeModule stuff i guess - except that like
libgnomeui provides the GnomeModule for the canvas!  which seems totally

the fact that things like gnome-vfs's version are hard coded in
libgnomeui rather than coming from gnome-vfs is ludicrous at best.  it's
too late to change this stuff for 2.0, but does anyone really feel
confident in it?  or does it not really matter?

so anyway - does anyone have objections to putting the libglade support
for things in the module where they come from (because i will actually
do the work this time)?


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