Re: GNOME 2.0 Schedule

On 11Oct2001 12:54AM (+0100), Bill Haneman wrote:
> I really have to reiterate that we should take advantage of the new
> platform stuff in the user-exposed parts of core (panel, control center,
> some file manager, help browser, terminal).  Otherwise the release
> itself makes no sense except as a developer release.  In the case of
> accessibility, that means everything (in core) needs to port to
> GTK+-2.0, and also needs to implement ATK interfaces, provide keyboard
> navigation, and respect theming.
> I think there is still time to do this if we plan for it now, and make
> sure that we have prioritized and resourced the bits that need to get
> done to achieve this.  The platform part is now in place, including a
> rudimentary but functional at-spi, but without support in the 'core'
> utilities it has no value for the users.

Someone should do an accessibility review as things are ported
over. Acessibility isn't going to be free in all cases - the panel and
the the nautilus icon view for instance have a fair amount of custom
stuff and I don't know how you'd even go about desinging an accessible
interface for it.

 - Maciej

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