Re: GNOME 2.0 Schedule

On 10 Oct 2001, Iain wrote:

> > 	* sawfish
> > 	* nautilus
> > 	* control center
> > 	* non-deprectaed parts of gnome-core, gnome-utils and
> > 	  gnome-applets
> > 
> > And the g-c, g-u and g-a very definately need a good "is this part merely
> > completely made of crack or does it actually contain something useful"
> > lookover. A good deal of their contents definately isn't.
> (Try 2: My first try was too depressing to finish :)


> gnome-utils needs made useful. Can we add gnome-games and gnome-media
> into the list as well?

gnome-games? maybe. provided they do get ported. I would for now rather 
not add them as 'definates' on the list.

> We need something like
> SOON! (sorry to keep bitching about this, but as says "With
> the Qt port out of the way, the KDE developers can now focus on the
> planned KDE improvements." I don't often agree with KDE, but damn, is

Yeah, see, we don't have gtk+2 port out of they way, indeed, last I
checked it was still not that frozen yet...

> this the right way to do it. Port the desktop to GTK2/GNOME2 then allow
> some time to add features. You'll note that the QT port wasn't released
> as KDE3 and then the features as KDE3.2. They ported the desktop as
> KDE3alpha, and then once all the features are done, are releasing KDE3.)

Yes, we maybe could have done the same. Except come on, look in the
claendar and compare the hypothised date for library API freeze to what
it was initially going to be. It's not as if the dear library maintainers
(not to mention dear app maintainers) are rushing out giving binding

> iain
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