Re: GNOME 2.0 Schedule

On 10 Oct 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Here is an ad hoc list of core components:
>   - panel
>   - key panel applets
>   - session manager
>   - help browser (use Nautilus for now)
>   - control panels (can use Nautilus as shell, so 
>     we can afford to punt the shell part)
>   - Sawfish (will leave unchanged, but we need to write a control 
>     panel for it that works with control panel setup)
>   - Nautilus 

This also pretty much agrees with my list (my brain keeps telling me I've
posted it a couple of times to various lists):
	* sawfish
	* nautilus
	* control center
	* non-deprectaed parts of gnome-core, gnome-utils and

And the g-c, g-u and g-a very definately need a good "is this part merely
completely made of crack or does it actually contain something useful"
lookover. A good deal of their contents definately isn't.

> Havoc


I haven't been vampired. You've been Weatherwaxed.

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