Re: developing for 2.0

On 09Oct2001 06:40PM (-0400), Trever L. Adams wrote:
> I am looking at creating a software package that needs a desktop.  I
> want it to be gnome.  However, I do not want to write for 1.2/1.4 as
> they are on their way out the door.  When will there be (I saw the
> schedule, so this is more of giving it a name) a release, alpha or beta,
> that I can install that will co-exist with 1.4 so that I can do
> development as well as have my desktop?  Will this be alpha 2?  Is the
> API more or less stable enough that this release will happen soon and be
> similar enough to 2.0 that I won't be wasting my time?

I am hoping that GNOME 1.4.1 and GNOME 2.0 Platform Alpha 2 will be
100% parallel installable.

 - Maciej

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