Re: gettext usage in libraries

On 29 Nov 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Sander Vesik <Sander Vesik sun com> writes:
> > > I don't know of *any* examples of this among existing written "primary"
> > > languages.  Please give an example of a language that has neither an
> > > approved nor a proposed unicode code page...
> > > 
> > 
> > Uhhh... unicode isn't even really complete for something as widely used as
> > Tamil.
> Anyone who seriously wants to argue against Unicode will also have to
> argue against Java, XML, the whole Windows platform, Qt, etc.
> i.e. basically if Unicode doesn't support your language, you are not
> going to be using any recent computer technology. So I'm quite
> confident languages that aren't supported well enough in Unicode are
> going to submit new code pages to and get the problem
> fixed.
> Plus it's quite academic from a GNOME standpoint - there is no way we
> could back off the Unicode strategy at this point, we're quite
> committed.

I was not suggesting we back off of Unicode or even arguing against it.
Just dispersing misconceptions about its completeness.

> Havoc


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