Status of Gnome-Games porting

Hello All. So I've got most of gnome-games up and running for GNOME 2.0.
The status of each follows. I'm waiting for permission to commit, and
someone would need to branch off stable.

The most common issue is the ues of the GtkClock widget. I have
commented out any gtk_clock code for now.

Here is the status of each module. Ported means that the program
compiles and runs, though most modules have small issues. I also had an
issue with libtool that I think is a result of using Ximian packages,
thus I wasn't able to run all of the modules.

gnomine: (Ported) - GtkClock, GdkColorContext issues

same-gnome: (Ported) - no issues :)

mahjong: (Ported) - some custom gnome_canvas stuff, GnomeDock issues

yatzhee: (Ported) - uses gnome_stock_button (easy to fix)

iagno: (Not Ported) - failed with some CORBA issue about permissions

gnobots: (Ported) - uses gnome_sound_connection

gnome-stones: (Mostly ported) - ran into libtool issue. Some poking into
widget->whatever->font, input device not working

aisleriot (Not Ported) - custom scroll-menu.c

freecell: (Almost Ported) - libtool issue again

gataxx: (Ported) - GtkClock

gnotravexx: (Ported) - no issues

gnotski: (Ported) - no issues

gnometris, xbill: (Not Ported) - All sorts of header file errors. Not
sure what the issue is

gnibbles: (Ported) - no issues

glines: (Ported) - gnome_help stuff. The real issue is how the heck do
you score in this game? I've never been able to get a single point :(


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