Re: [gnome-love] New feature

On 28 May 2001 11:52:10 +1200, Luke Hutchison wrote:
> > > [As an aside: Back in 1987 RISC OS had a panel (Task Bar) and windowing
> > > system very similar to GNOME's today, and way before W95 came out with
> some
> > > similar stuff (remember this is in the days of W3.1).  We share some
> common
> > > philosophies and I think it would be worth it for some GNOME UI people
> to
> > > check out the RISC OS Styleguide.]

> > Can you give us some URLs?

> Some random links from Google are listed below.  Many more are available by
> performing simple searches.  As previously mentioned I believe there is much
> of value in RISC OS' GUI that we can make use of in GNOME.

What I espacially like is that there are no menus. I never used menus in OS/2
(they were redundant, you could do everything with context menus), and I never use
menus in my own progs.

Wished we could make everything in Gnome available via context menus and give advanced
users the option to turn the menus off.

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