Re: libgnome: User level

[mail resent, because I got the To address wrong, sorry Colm Smyth for 
sending you the mail 3 times]

On Wednesday 20 June 2001 16:09, you wrote:
> It is diffcult to achieve a sufficiently fine-grained definition of
> "user level" because people are always at different levels with different
> features, based on the way they use software. This is true not just for
> individual applications but also for features within a single application.
> My suggestion would be that every application that implements a user-level
> feature should maintain it's own idea of user-level (and this includes how
> it saves this setting to a configuration store like GConf).
> Colm.

Yes I agree it should be configurable for each application. And we should 
think about what this setting is suposed to do, we I think we need 
consistency in this respect, too. I think a personaly like the nautilus 
approch(every thing you can modify in the userlevel is used by the programm, 
everything that's hidden is treaded as set to  default).

I think it we should have one global userlevel that is used by all 
applications for which the user didn't choose something different. Each app 
would then store something like 'use sys default', 'beginner', ... or  

I think it will be useful to have an global setting so that people like me 
can have all apps start in the highest userlevel (I like reading a lot 
options, and choosing my preferences)

I guess it's too late to have the feature that more settings can be set to an 
application specific setting(big font in Application foo-bar; no icon in 
menus for the app which got the icon too lousy etc.)


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