Re: killing more lists

Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> writes: 
> On further thought - and whilst I think versioned list names are pretty
> silly - a single list for developer discussion of the release is quite
> handy, and certainly high volume at release time.

Except that everyone is posting tons of non-release-related stuff to
this list.

> I'd suggest a non-versioned GNOME release list for hackers, porters and
> information dispersal (gnome-release ?) to complement the (hopefully)
> integrated desktop-devel and gnome-libs-devel lists for deeper, more
> specific technical discussion.

I don't want to merge desktop-devel and gnome-libs-devel - those are
both two large discussion areas. I just feel like desktop environment
discussion is all over the damn place. ;-)

I don't see a problem discussing release stuff on desktop-devel - most
other projects discuss releases on their -devel list, right?

But maybe just renaming gnome-2-0-list to
gnome-release-discussion-only-dammit-list gnome org would work. ;-)


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