Re: Is GNOME 2 dead ?

Note: bonobo-conf is dead - we have bonobo-config in gnome2

On 29 Aug 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> come on, again! I thought there was agreement on using bonobo-conf as
> the means to access the database, and that bonobo-conf was going to use
> GConf by default

There was a flamewar over what libgnome uses and the result was a
	a) libgnome is free to use bonobo-config as access mechanism to
	b) bonobo-config will go back to being a just a wrapper for gconf

I don't think b) ever happened.

> Or are we starting again the same discussion? If so, I'll just code my
> own simple config system for not having to be changing from GConf to
> bonobo-conf (which I already did for gnome-db) and back until a decision
> is made.

No, we aren't restarting it. 

> cheers
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