Re: the API freeze

On 27Aug2001 05:45PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> The API freeze is in a somewhat suboptimal state. Here are some
> thoughts:

I'd like to add gnome-vfs to the list of modules that are delayed and
potentially holding things up. The good news is that we have every
potential API-breaking change in bugzilla and tagged with [API], and
we're working on aggressively pruning that list and in some cases even
rolling back partway done changes that are not quite ready for prime

>  - both the GTK+ maintainers and the libgnomeui maintainers are
>    suitably embarassed; neither situation should have happened.

On behalf of the gnome-vfs hackers I'd like to add a nostra culpa as

I think it would really help to have a status board of all the
platform libraries (and heck, core but non-platform libraries too if
the maintainers want them on there).

It could have a state for each library:

* Unfrozen
* Frozen with specific list of exceptions (link to bugzilla query for
exceptions and maybe count of items in the list)
* Totally frozen

Then we could see ourselves making progress towards a full freeze.



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