the API freeze


The API freeze is in a somewhat suboptimal state. Here are some

 - GTK got delayed, because some of us had to work on Red Hat Roswell
   and Nautilus-fixage, and Tim also got distracted doing
   something-or-other. However, there is a finite list of API issues
   that are tracked in bugzilla, and arbitrary stuff is not going
   in. We are hacking on GTK now and the finite list will shrink ASAP.
   Owen will post an update here soon, and has been posting updates to

 - libgnomeui was not in a freezeable state in many people's minds.  I
   would generally agreee. IMO going ahead and fixing it is our best
   bet and will save a lot of porting effort. Let's just let Anders do
   this. But he's doing it fast.

 - both the GTK+ maintainers and the libgnomeui maintainers are
   suitably embarassed; neither situation should have happened.

 - Please, no one use these situations as excuses to break freezes in
   other libs; if your lib is good enough, then let's just leave
   it. Work on non-API bugs.

 - let's please not have a flamewar about it in any case; we have some
   bugs to fix, there is a finite list, once they are fixed we are
   frozen. Nautilus will start to port soon, and that will help
   discourage any further changes as well.

Basically, we have some slipups; but they are going to get resolved
quickly. Don't panic. ;-)


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