Re: libglade-1.99.1

On 24 Aug 2001, jacob berkman wrote:

> On Fri, 2001-08-24 at 08:28, James Henstridge wrote:
> >   - Port over Michael's bonobo support.  Support for bonobo (and in the
> >     future, gnomeui) is loaded dynamically, so you don't need to use a
> >     different init function.  If libbonoboui is not installed, the module
> >     won't be built.
> it would be nice if it either required bonobo or the bonobo module was
> in bonobo.
> otherwise, apps can't know if there's bonobo support in libglade,
> thereby making said support unusable.

Just make your app's configure check for bonobo support in libglade and
fail otherwise (or disable your own bonobo suppoort or ...)

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