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kažkada, berods Pr, 2001-08-13 11:48+0100, Bill Haneman rašė:
> The big issue, and it is pretty important, is with Gnome applications that
> give audio notifications.  In the case of those applications, we need to
> be able to intercept these notifications and provide alternate
> notifications (flashing screen, etc.) for the hearing-impaired user.  What
> we can't have, from an accessibility point of view, is lots of apps doing
> this in their own inconsistent way: we need a common API for all such
> sound notifications, so that we can intercept and substitute at a single
> point.  This needs to be a control panel/theme function - and obviously it
> has value not just for the hearing-impaired but for the
> audio-driver-impaired (e.g. some laptops, etc.) It sounds to me (pardon
> the pun) as though the current 'solution' for Gnome audio is a
> free-for-all that would make such a consistent audio-notification policy
> unworkable.  Certainly the minimalist API proposal that is floating around
> would be a better solution for accessibility.  Even better would be a
> gnome_audio_notify ("", "Alt. Descriptive String").

I am surprised that George is so silent about such issues as notification.
As I understood it, his project Grapevine is very similar to the issue
discussed here.

Grapevine is a library which provides central place where programs can put
notifications about events that happened.

However, README says that grapevine should be used for bigger events, such
as "New mail arrived", and not for simple events such as Asterisk.wav on
bogus escape press.. I gues this architecture can be adopted for general
events /notification system. An event can have a state which indicates
granularity -- whether it is just a panel swish sound, a dialog appeared in
hidden viewport, or an important message ("evolution-mail has crashed :(" or
"there is a new topic at slashdot!")

What do you think?

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