Re: GNOME CVS: libgnome martin

Alan Cox wrote:
> > around would be a better solution for accessibility.  Even better
> > would be
> > a gnome_audio_notify ("", "Alt. Descriptive String").
> The obvious approach for the esd case would be to tweak esd or the esd lib
> to look for s/.au/.txt  s/.wav/.txt versions of the file - would that do it ?
> For accessibility are you trying to tell people what the noise was or the
> relevance of an event ?

Well, better to identify the "type" or "name" of the event.  Then 
the user can configure how s/he prefers to have that event presented -
via screen flash, dialog, double-flash, ignore, etc.

If the actual content of the noise conveys information (for instance,
a spoken word/phrase) then we have a different category of
problem altogether.

Bill Haneman
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland

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