Re: GNOME CVS: libgnome martin

On 11 Aug 2001 16:29:54 -0400, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	FWIW, I agree with Martin. The API we release, we get to support
> for a long time - probably far longer than we think. Thus, it is far, far
> better IMHO to release only a few, reasonably high quality APIs - than
> many substandard, known to be broken ones.

Argh. My evolution composer crashed the first time I tried to send this.
Sigh. Anyway, I agree with Alan.

I think that we're all in agreement that there is insufficient time to
develop and implement a comprehensive sound API. But to remove sound
support entirely from GNOME 2.0 is a distinct loss of functionality for
a major version that was supposed to improve the platform for both
developers and users. I see little problem with implementing a very
simple and skeletal sound API similar to that in GNOME 1. I'm talking
about gnome_sound_play_file(const char *filename) simple. This would
be adequate for the "bing-bong" sounds that we'd like to have and keeps
our options open for a real sound solution down the road. This very
simple API could be kept around in the future and adapted to whatever
more snazzy system in the future.

> 	It also strikes me that the accessibility guys will need to be
> able to play sounds on events; and that it seems entirely likely to me
> that they will be able to do it 'right' at some stage, probably soon.

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