Re: GNOME CVS: libgnome martin

Joe Shaw <joe ximian com> writes: 
> It concerns me that we're removing sound support wholesale from GNOME 2,
> as it is a noticeable step back in the platform. Judging from bug
> reports and comments from our users, they do care about about sound.
> Just yesterday, in fact, a user submitted a patch against Evolution
> which allows a sound to be played when they receive new mail.
> While moving sound out of libgnome makes sense, I feel it's important
> that -some- sort of sound support is implemented for the GNOME 2.0
> release in particular and the platform in general. I would contribute to
> this, but I really know nothing about sound and the issues involved.
> So, just to clarify: is the intention to remove sound support totally
> from the initial GNOME 2.0 release and the platform and then add it at a
> later point (to GNOME 2.2, perhaps)? If so, does anyone else feel this
> is a problem? (Especially in light of the reverse in functionality for a
> major step forward of the platform)

I don't see why we have to "bless" something before we are ready; apps
that want sound now can pick the esound lib or CSL or as they like, 
and then once we see a clear de facto standard or really do our
homework, we can "bless" one in GNOME 2.0.1 or 2.2 or whatever is
appropriate at the time.


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