Re: GNOME 2 sound API

On 10 Aug 2001 07:17:18 +0800, Ian McKellar wrote:
> But GNOME sound (at least in some limited form) does work without ESD, right?

No. All of the functions are empty if HAVE_ESD is not defined. I suppose
one could add different versions for different backends.

> I would be sad to see that go away. And if we'll be moving to something that
> isn't based on ESD in the future, encouraging people to use the ESD apis now
> is the wrong thing to do.

Not knowing much about how to do sound The Right Way, and just taking a
cursory look at the old 1.x gnome-sound API, it doesn't seem tied to the
esd API and doesn't expose any esd internals to the outside, so it
doesn't seem like it should be scrapped. It is pretty skeletal, though,
and probably an inadequate API for doing a nice sound subsystem.

> Breaking source compatibility to force people to move to a new API is one
> thing but removing functionality seems like the wrong approach.



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