An API freeze version of libbonoboui has been released. It
seems likely however that both the Control and Canvas IDL interfaces
may need substantial re-work in due course.

* What is libbonoboui ?

	libbonoboui is the graphical portion of the Gnome 1.4 bonobo
component environment. libbonoboui is built on top of the libbonobo
library, but also the libgnome library which is used mostly for
configuration reasons.

* What has changed since bonobo 1.0 ?

	Very much, and very little. In many ways libbonoboui provides
great backwards compatibility for old code - changes required to port
should be substantialy less than that for the parallel Gtk transition.

	In CVS libbonoboui/changes.txt ( will be included in subsequent
releases [doh] ) there is a list of all the API changes, and
descriptions of the changes, and in some cases advice on which new API
to use.

	The initial port to Gnome 2.0 was (again) substantialy
contributed to by Martin, to whom we are much indebted. Much of the
heroic porting effort is not shown here, merely the additional

	* API issues.

		+ exception environment review (Jamil Geor, Gergo, Me)
		+ GClosureize (Me, Gergo)
		+ Major compound document, re-think, re-architect &
		  re-write (Mike Kestner)

	* New Features

		+ UI stock item support (Martin)
		+ UI prop get / set re-write & acceleration (Alex
		  Larsson, Me)
		+ UI handler server API semantics updated (Me)
		+ new bonoboui-hello app (Murray Cumming)
		+ Canvas updates and fixes (Joe Shaw, Mike K)

	* Many other cleans, fixes and cruft removal, too numerous to
	  mention from (Martin, Maciej, Joe Shaw, Murray Cumming,
	  Dan Damian, Anders Carlsson, Darin, Tim Mooney,
	  Carlos Marin, Jonathan Blandford, Malcolm Tredinnick,
	  Johan Dahlin)

* Where can I get it ?

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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