An API freeze version of libbonobo has been released, I am
fairly confidant that the full libbonobo API can be frozen - however
some of the included IDL interfaces under the libbonoboui umbra may
need extending, particularly the Canvas and Control interfaces at a
later stage.

* What is libbonobo ?

	libbonobo is the non-GUI split of the bonobo component
environment. Non-GUI means that it's dependencies are ORBit2, linc,
bonobo-activation and glib alone; none of which require any graphical

* What has changed since bonobo 1.0 ?

	Very much, and very little. In many ways libbonobo provides
good backwards compatibility to old code - changes required to port
should be substantialy less than that for the parallel Gtk transition.

	In CVS libbonobo/changes.txt ( will be included in subsequent
releases [doh] ) there is a list of all the API changes, and
descriptions of the changes, and in some cases advice on which new API
to use.

	The initial port to Gnome 2.0 was substantialy achieved by
Martin, to whom we are much indebted, other features include:

	* Platform issues

		+ Integration with glib type system (Martin, Me)
		+ GClosure usage for all APIs (Gergo, Me)
		+ Full API review to pass (opt) exception environments
		  where neccessary (Jamil Geor, Me)

	* Activation and monikers

		+ Factories are now BonoboObjects (Maciej & Me)
		+ re-written Moniker resolution process for sanity(Dietmar)

	* API / interface fixage

		+ re-written PropertyBag IDL interface and C wrappers
		  to avoid transients and integrate smoothly with
		  configuration (Dietmar)
		+ Event source re-architect to kill bogus 'id' tracking(Me)
		+ Storage / Stream interface & wrapper fixage (Me)
		+ BonoboXObject renamed to BonoboObject (with compat) (Me)
		+ BonoboObjectClient - now dead (Me)

	* New bits
		+ In memory storage implementation (Gergo)
		+ Bonobo/Clipboard interfaces (Gergo)
		+ Immortal objects (Me)
		+ Persist interface work (Gergo, Mike)

	* Many other cleans, fixes and cruft removal, too numerous to
	  mention from (Gergo, Martin, Lutz Muller, Laszlo Peter, Darin,
	  Tim Mooney, Jonathan Blandford, Peter Williams)

* Where can I get it ?

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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