Re: API freeze release ... status so far.

> FWIW my personal view is that the whole sound thing in libgnome is
> pointless, because no one turns sounds on, because we don't have any
> good sounds. And sounds are annoying even if you have good ones, most
> people don't them on in Windows either I don't think.

Having event sounds in libgnome is sort of a "whatever" issue compared
to picking and running with a media and/or sound API. aRTs is OK, but it
would seem prudent to eventually add a full media API to the mix (and I
presume gstreamer can use arts). "Playing movies" is currently one of
the surprisingly few things a GNOME desktop is completely incompetent at
that has become a basic part of commercial desktops.

If we plan to release a GStreamer-based media player with GNOME as an
application for 2.0, it seems reasonable to include it in the official


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