Porting to libbonobo

Hi Rodrigo,

On 3 Aug 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> well, for the moment, this won't really be a problem (the libgnome
> dependency).

	libgnome is not released or API frozen - and Martin seems to have
vanished so ... use a CVS version and hope.

> About porting to libbonobo, what, apart from s/GtkObject/GOject, must
> be done?  libgda is not using too complex Bonobo stuff for the moment,
> so I think not much must be done here. In fact, when I ported it to
> Bonobo from plain CORBA, I started that port compiling against
> libbonobo2

	Ok - so several things really. There is a list of all changes to
libbonobo in libbonobo/changes.txt along with some help on porting.

	You'll prolly want to junk BonoboXObject in favour of BonoboObject
- since these have been merged, although there is a compat layer of sorts.
Clearly converting all gtk_object calls to g_object ones.

	One thing that is worth getting right is using GClosures wherever
you had callbacks in the original code. It's prolly worth leaving the

typedef void (*MyCallbackFn) (GObject *foo, int a);

void foo_add_callback (GObject *foo, MyCallbackFn fn, gpointer user_data);

But then implementing add_callback in terms of GClosures:

void foo_add_callback_closure (GObject *foo, GClosure *fn);

	See how this is done in libbonobo eg. bonobo-generic-factory,
especialy with respect to the invocation, building the marshalers using
glib-genmarshal etc.

	If you use GClosure it makes life very, much easier and more
efficient for scripting bindings - and so we should be using it everywhere

	But you're right - it should be easy to port to libbonobo.



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