Re: [gnet-dev] RPM patch

On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 22:37, David Helder wrote:
> I just commited this:
> 	* Check if debian or RPM files are
> 	   there before AC_OUTPUT.  This causes an autoconf
> 	   warning, but not a configure warning.

The warning being :

Running automake --gnu  ... 305: required file `./$' not found 305: required file `./$' not found

> 	* Removed .spec and debian from dist.  If
> 	   you really need it, I can put it back.

Causes :

[rossg durban gnet]$ make dist
make: *** No rule to make target `', needed by
`distdir'.  Stop.

> > Hmm, I'll try to fix that debian problem.  I don't think the debian files
> > should be included in the dist.

I'd recommend leaving them in the distribution. They are only small
files, and they aren't hurting anyone by being included, even if they're
only used by a minority of users. I can't think of a case when they
would not be present, so we don't really need configure tests to check
for them.


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