[gmime-devel] Decoding UTF-8 headers


It seems that when .NET's System.Net.Mail encodes some headers in
UTF-8 format, they cannot be decoded by the GMime library.

An example header is:

From: =?utf-8?Q?{#D=C3=A8=C3=A9=C2=A3=C3=A5=C3=BD_M$=C3=A1=C3?=


 <user domain com>

Tested with GMime 2.26, GMime 2.4.14,  Evolution 2.28.3 - only the 1st
part of the address is decoded.
ie, they display:
   "{#Dèé£åý M$á� =?utf-8?Q?=AD. =C3=A7=C3=B8m@ #}?=" <user domain com>
rather than:
   {#Dèé£åý M$áí.çøm@#} <user domain com>

Sending the same message to GMail, the address is properly decoded.


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