Re: [gmime-devel] Solaris linker errors:

Lou Picciano wrote:
> Jeff,
> Thanks for your quick reply.  I do, in fact, have gpgme (1.1.4)
> installed; it's a prebuilt package from Steve Christensen's very
> helpful SunFreeware site.  Most of Steve's packages put libraries in
> /usr/local/lib or .../include.
> After some digging, I realized the glibconfig header file was probably
> to blame; 
> I did manage to get a build, just a few minutes ago, by forcing the
> issue a little bit with the following configure statement:
> # ./configure CPPFLAGS='-I/usr/local/lib/glib-2.0/include'
> contains the header file: glibconfig.h
> All this started as we are trying to build a dbmail system, and are
> now having trouble with the configuration of dbmail! Some
> discrepancies between glib-2.0 version numbers in pkg-config and the
> actual library names.

Just an FYI, but I don't think dbmail is meant to link with 2.5.x - you
probably want 2.4.x (or maybe 2.2.x, I'm not sure). The 2.5.x series is
a development branch (API is in flux). While most of the changes have
focused on the crypto stuff (which dbmail probably doesn't use), there
have been a few other minor changes that might cause problems.


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