Re: Glom 1.4.0

On Sat, 2007-03-17 at 01:17 +0100, boby joe wrote:
Hello everyone.

I'm trying to compile the stable version and can't get it done.

It fails with this error:
glom/libglom/ error: multiple storage classes in
declaration of `type_list_relationships`

That line is:
static typedef std::list< sharedptr<const UsesRelationship> >

You could try removing the first "static", which seems useless.

Thanks for testing.

Any ideas what does this mean ? I'm a c++ newbie and just tried some
minor changes but nothing had success yet.

As for the G++ version, I tried with 4.1 first (and it didn't worked
well), now with g++ 3.4 but it fails too. Oh and I also tried with g
++3.3 but it shows the same error.

I will try to recompile everything from scratch so what g++ version
should I use for better compatibility?

They should all work.

But not that, mixing compiler versions will lead to disaster if you
don't know what you are doing. In general, all libraries used by an
application must be compiled with the same C+ compiler.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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